About Us

About us

Healthy Weight Loss

Helping People Achieve Healthy Weight Loss for 30 Years!
Since 1986, our intention has been to help our clients in healthy weight loss… stabilizing and balancing their individual body chemistry, as well as coaching existence sustaining behavior and reaching a fine body photograph. We agree with complete vitamins and a wholesome life-style are the primary basics of preventative medicine. Our clients consistently attain a median weight reduction of two – 4 kilos in step with week, and our long term fulfillment rate speaks for itself. According to the National Institute of Health Statistics, after 365 days, the failure rate of folks who diet is over 95%. Rarely do most commercial weight reduction plans talk their facts with clients, because of the dismal lengthy-time period effects.

In a have a look at based totally on customers finishing The Healthy Way Program, after 2 years, 60% have been inside 5 pounds of their weight upon finishing the program. We are very pleased with our long-time period success price.

The Healthy Way Philosophy:

Weight Loss Counseling + Blood Sugar Stabilization

How many fad diets, capsules, powders, potions, or exercise gimmicks have you tried for your lifetime? You’re now not on my own. If any of those matters were a permanent answer, would you still be overweight? Here at The Healthy Way your fulfillment starts with our personalized assist and weight loss counseling to help you address the underlying behavior causing your weight benefit. Our counselors are your most vital link to attaining your intention weight and gaining knowledge of how to preserve a healthful life-style.

  • We teach you how to consume nutritiously to shed pounds and maintain it off
  • We provide you with the equipment you want to regulate the behaviors which might be keeping you obese
  • We encourage you to take constant action to reach your goals
  • We supply shape and accountability to preserve your commitment strong
  • We offer aid, specially whilst you sense yourself slipping
  • We assist you to face your challenges and have a good time your milestones
  • We recognize in which you’re coming from because we’ve all been there ourselves
  • Isn’t it time to launch the conflict with meals and your weight once and for all? Don’t permit lifestyles pass you through without sooner or later having the lasting fulfillment of everlasting weight loss.
  • You should stay in the body you choice. Learn how to break unfastened from all of the boundaries that have stored you caught and obese. Feel true on your own skin. Love your body, love yourself, and love your lifestyles. We can assist make this manifest!


Blood Sugar Stabilization

The Key to Healthy Eating & Healthy Weight Loss Success

Blood sugar attention can decide how appropriate or awful one feels. Blood sugar stabilization keeps electricity up, allows control starvation and stops mood swings. A low blood sugar stage can reason irritability, fatigue, lethargy, excessive hunger, moodiness, melancholy and cravings for sweets — factors that could undermine achievement! A stable blood sugar degree / glucose level is a cornerstone of The Healthy Way Program and is accomplished with the subsequent:

Individually tailored, balanced, low-glycemic meal plans and snack thoughts
The Healthy Way chewable blood sugar stabilizing complement
Nutritional/motivational coaching and counseling
Foods high in complex carbohydrates, low in fat, and truly no delicate sugars
Regular exercise

Our Pledge

Good fitness is a valuable present and we pledge that the quantity of time and energy spent learning the simple principles of our software will give you renewed frame electricity, vitality, and longevity. We consider sound nutrients is the first step towards preventative medicine. At The Healthy Way we’re devoted to addressing your individual desires in assisting you achieve healthy weight reduction.

“Thanks to the support and steerage from the counselors at The Healthy Way, I actually have regained my fitness and my life. I have been maintaining my weight reduction for extra than 25 years. I’m a new guy!”

A Health Store Full of Nutritious Food

The Healthy Way is pleased with our huge line of wholesome meals products that we have advanced over the years. Our line of meals products are domestically made, organic and are not required at the application. They are available to our clients and the general public as a convenience item and the recipes are always available. Our products are the proper balance of what nutritious meals must contain. Our awareness is on herbal low-glycemic, low-insulin generating ingredients that contain no artificial sweeteners or chemical components—and they taste DELICIOUS!

Our merchandise fulfill a huge population of nutritional desires which include diabetics, gluten illiberal, vegetarians; and may satisfy the cravings of these with inflammatory problems and sugar addictions. We consciousness on natural wholesome and herbal merchandise inclusive of entrees, remarkable deserts, low-glycemic pastas and breads, alternatives to artificial sweeteners, and our personal label nutrients/dietary supplements.

Come in and save our huge selection available at our healthful store.

“Our line of food merchandise are domestically made, natural and are not required at the program. They are available to all and sundry as a comfort object. We also have the recipes to our products if you need to make them your self.”