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The thriller around the notorious Bermuda triangle has further deepened with the discharge of latest theory within the latest beyond. According to this new theory, the clouds that form over this notorious place of the ocean are triangular. These atypical-fashioned clouds are like strong air bombs that can cause a damage with the ship and planes that skip thru the said place, the new theory further elaborate. The scientists discovered those extraordinary hexagonal clouds with the assist of radar satellite imagery. The meteorologists determined those clouds to have a width range of 20 and 50 miles over water. A technology channel discovered this discovery in its series “What on Earth”. In this text, we might be looking at the new revelations made by using a reputed meteorologist at the thriller of the Bermuda Triangle.

Micro-bursts in Atmosphere


Meteorologist Dr. Randy Cerveny said that the satellite imaginary produced a few weird images whilst the professionals focussed the satellite tv for pc at the clouds in the vicinity. He similarly delivered that the unusual look is due to the alerts getting contemplated from the hexagonally shaped clouds. He similarly delivered that these hexagonal clouds are like sitting air bombs. According to him, those weird clouds have come from a phenomenon called micro-bursts. Hence, those have blasts of air trapped in them that wait to release energy on brief observe. However, he fast added that this atypical phenomenon in no manner absolutely explains the disappearance of planes and ships without any trace. He had to give this explanation while many human beings started to impeach his good judgment on social media structures.

Bermuda Triangle Mystery

There had been many theories that try to give an explanation for the abnormal phenomenon that happens to the transport automobiles which enter the Bermuda Triangle. The legend has been round on account that 1400. It states that people who enter into this forbidden area in no way go back to peer its other aspect. It is positioned between Miami, Puerto Rico, and the Island of Bermuda. This region has been notoriously related to a enormous quantity of unexplainable disappearances of ships and planes. By the usage of this satellite imagery, a few scientists tried to give an explanation for away the thriller with the assist of excessive-power hexagonal clouds that form in the place. They stated that the bursts of clouds launch numerous energy that may disenchanted moving ships and planes and endanger them in the area.

People Questioning the Logic

Many people question this new concept. They declare that this theory additionally fails to give an explanation for the disappearance with none trace. The wreckage could not be observed inside the sea beds after the ships and planes that meet with the accident. Ideally, humans assume the wreckage to discover close to the website of disappearance. The freak storms, waterspouts, and rogue waves are recognised to occur on this region. There were even times of empty boats and ships floating inside the location. These facts do now not sync with the theories floated up to now through the experts. Therefore, many humans, consisting of the specialists from the sphere of science, do now not buy this rationalization additionally.