Surviving Protests, Poverty, Justice and Inequality in America 2020

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I recognise that I am now not alone in being aghast at a number of the scenes which have emerged on television over the previous couple of days. People who commenced off protesting approximately a dreadful incident in America now seem to have lost their motive and are behaving in a nihilistic manner. Social media is awash with hate and vengeance, with human beings lashing out and worrying the destruction of something they pick to take in opposition to. There have even been human beings calling for Gandhi’s statue to be torn down, claiming that he became a racist. Where will all this madness quit? I discover it even greater stressful that teachers and the media seem intent on whipping matters up into a frenzy without regard to consequences. We need to all grieve at racial injustices, yet I even have visible no protests for the ones terrible migrants dealt with as slaves in Libya or marches in help of the Uighurs in China or protesting against killing, persecuting minorities in many components of the world? There are more than one injustices on this world that warrant interest, however are mechanically not noted, why is that? Whose agenda is being driven? Surely, all lives matter. If we comply with the good judgment of someplace will things lead with all this tearing down of statues, is Rome to be dismantled as it was constructed through slaves, need to we rid the arena of the pyramids of Egypt because they had been built by means of slaves? People of the past were of their time. They frequently held views that we find offensive, no doubt people centuries from now will look upon us with similar distaste. We need a kinder, greater accountable, and more tolerant international, no longer one packed with folks who appear to thrive on hate.

We all have the right to express our opinion as it’s far properly protected and respected in many developed societies. I strongly consider that everybody`s person perspectives have to be reputable and have to now not be threatened. However, it’s miles especially essential for us to remember that there is a clear distinction between what we say and how we say, our behavior, no longer the content. Our behavior have to be with the road of societal moral, rules and parameters. If our freedom of expression or sports reasons extreme disease, violence and goes towards societal values, creates disharmony this will be visible as misuse of freedom, illegal wherein case our freedom of expression may be challenged and restrained by the government. We all have the right to protest. However, if we revel in the essence of human rights, we need to also take the obligations for human wrongs. This is while we get the moral justice. Free debate, desirable movements, convincing arguments are essential to counter hatred, prejudices, and inequality inside the society.

But recent episodes of activities in each aspects of the Atlantic are the high-quality reminder of our ethical and societal obligation. Whatever took place to social distancing? Those who claim to care about BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) communities tormented by COVID-19 are actually out behaviour thorough irresponsibly, potentially endangering lives. What we’re witnessing is not valid non violent protest, it is verging on anarchy. Unsavoury factors are searching for to exploit legitimate harm and direct it at others. All races, religions and cultures at a while have fallen quick. No one ethnicity is born any greater racist than any other and but a few human beings, including a few lecturers are peddling a dangerous and poisonous narrative that sews division, distrust, and worry. This lynch-mob mentality should stop. I turned into appalled to look that in London statues of Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill were attached and defaced, do these people recognise nothing? Even the Cenotaph, that sacred monument to the fallen changed into connected, an act that became little brief of treason. What has been occurring is simply scary and deeply demanding.